Friday, February 14, 2014


We met with the builder yesterday to see if we had any changes.  We had a few. We removed the sidelights by the front door (there shall be no peeping Toms).  Took out the basement kitchen, scooted the fireplace down a bit to be centered.  Redrew the theater arches/columns and moved the back deck to take advantage of the mountain views.  
Also had our lighting meeting.  Lighting is hard to choose! I love love love the kitchen island lights.  Two of these babies!
The other light I am really excited about is this one in the master bath.  It will look like bubbles floating in the air.

Then I found this for Gigi's room off of etsy... It's so cute!

Friday, February 7, 2014


We have now built 3 houses and my all time favorite meeting to go to is Cabinets!  Also the place where I get in the most trouble.  Here are some of my kitchen cabinet inspiration pics.
I'm thinking we came very close, now we find out Monday if I was anywhere near staying on budget :/
The master bath we want to feel like a fancy hotel bathroom. We have a picture in our heads of the bathroom at the Venietian in Vegas.  Then I looked up a pic of the room bathrooms at the Venietian and it was not what we remembered, pretty gaudy 
So we are doing our own version of a fancy hotel bath! Here is our inspiration for cabinets 
Here is the sample cabinet door we chose

Exterior color selections.

We saw this home in Herriman during last  years parade of homes and really liked the colors ( at least I did, jason said " eh they are ok") which was the best reaction to date.
I finally located the stone they used, it was a natural stone, we are trying to save on exterior so we needed to stick with a manufactured stone.  Gigi and I went to the "rock" store 4 times and Jason and I once.  Fortunately they have free suckers so both of them were tantrum free.  We finally decided on this rock
Mineral county pacific ledgestone by Veneerstone.
Here is a pic of it on a Holiday Inn Express (so it must be good)
Stucco color is Synergy oatmeal 
Trim is white and Sherwin Williams Mexican Sand
As well as white.  Our door is sw Plantation Brown

Foundation 2/5/14

Moving along!

Footings! 1/31/14

Yeah first sign that things are starting to roll!  You can sort of tell from the pic, the river in the background is so beautiful and misty on this cool morning.