Monday, March 24, 2014

Getting to know the neighborhood

We spent a good portion if the weekend hiking the trails around our new house.  It's so perfect there!  They cleared out a large area below our house for a little park along the river. There is a fallen tree perfectly placed from the shore to a little island in the river that is home to a big beaver dam and lots of lovely ducks.  We all made it across fine, skipped some rocks, tried to feed the ducks but found out that not all ducks enjoy pizza crusts hurled towards their heads.  It must be a park duck thing. Crossing the river back to shore, I fell in.  Water is still pretty chilly this time of year! We also took the trail behind our house to where it meets the Jordan River trail and goes under Bangarter.  We are really going to have to improve our bike skills we have miles and miles of bike trails at our fingertips! We also caught 6 butterflies and scaled a tree branched hanging over a pond, fun times! Can't wait for June, oh did I forget to mention... Looks like we won't be moving in much before June.

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