Monday, March 24, 2014

Meeting with the builder

Had our second post dig meeting with our builder and met the superentendant supervising our house.  I LOVE these meetings.  Our builder is so great about little changes along the way as well as suggesting solutions for issues we encounter.  Here are a few things we decided to change; the bedroom downstairs faced the backyard but had a side window, we decided to put one on the back as well.  The deck was currentley uncovered but seeing how awesome our yard and view is going to be we are pricing a covered deck.  Some doors were changed around a little.  We changed out all the arches in the house plans and squared them off to be a little more modern.  Added room for a second hot water heater.  Reworked the ceilings upstairs so the kids loft spaces were adequate height. We also asked about opening up the stairwell to the basement so they don't seem so basementy!

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